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2020 MDWL Registration Week 5 @ Willie Walters

Registration for the MDWL Week 5 Event on 2/2/2020.  At Millbrook Highschool, 251 First Woods Dr, Winchester, VA 22603

Opened: 01/26/2020
Closes: 01/30/2020

Open to: Previously registered 
born between: 01/01/2004 and 12/31/2015

3 registrations

Big Trophy Hunt (Experienced)

Saturday, Feb 1 (Experienced only)

Wrestlers compete in full matches in a round robin format. The vast majority of participants obtain 3-4 matches in two hours or less, and the top three placers win cool “Turkey” medals. As always, we separate rookies from experienced wrestlers, whenever possible, unless they are ready to move up. 


After the Registration Deadline, we immediately start working on brackets for the event. Wrestlers are paired up by weight (Madison System, meaning you don't have to make a certain weight, you simply wrestle others around the same weight) and experience levels (rookies wrestle other rookies, whenever possible, unless it becomes clear they need to "bump up" to be sufficiently challenged).

Once finalized (usually 2 days before the event), we email a detailed schedule that includes your "time slot" which explains when to arrive. In general, elementary school wrestlers (starting with light weights) begin first in the morning, and middle school wrestlers (ending with heavier weights) wrap up the day. You can generally plan to compete around the same time at the various WWS events, but we never know for sure until brackets are finalized. So you must be prepared to be somewhat flexible. 

After "time slots" are announced, wrestlers occasionally must drop out of an event. Cancellations should be rare and only caused by truly unexpected circumstances (e.g., sudden illness, injury, family emergency). In short, if you register, you are expected to be there and wrestle. If you truly can't make it, please notify us as ASAP so we can readjust brackets in advance. We also send text reminders the day before the event. Finally, it's critical for wrestlers to show up on time. If they are late, it's highly likely they will be scratched since brackets will have been redone.

Warning: Wrestlers who fail to show up (or come late) and don't bother to inform us in advance receive a one-time warning. If it happens again, they are disqualified from participating in future events. We're sorry if this sound harsh, but it's essential to running efficient events. Other families are adversely affected when a wrestler does not show up, so we draw a hard line on this. So, please, inform us in advance if a wrestler truly can't make it.  We will not issue an official warning if notice is provided more than 2 hours before the start of your time slot. But always give as much notice as possible. 

Opened: 01/22/2020