youth wrestling after school program

Sponsored By:   John Moriarty & Associates
Leesburg, VA
2022 RANGER'S RIP Camp (Intensive) 

The RIP Camp provided to you by the Ranger Wrestling Club is an intense, fast pace practices that will challenge wrestlers mentally, physically & emotionally.  Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm, at the RTC (Ranger Training Center) 960 Sycolin Rd. Suite 125, Leesburg, VA 20175.

  Hard work = Success! 

           Price $250

For all ages. Campers should be wrestlers with at least two years of experience.  



These practices will be limited to only 40 wrestlers, first come-first serve.  No refunds!!

Wrestlers will go through:
-US Army Ranger PT (Physical Training) Test: 2 mile timed run, 2 min of push-ups, 2 min of sit-ups, and pull-up test. This test will be conducted in the beginning and at the end of camp. 
-Cardiovascular training: Tire flips, tire pulls, explosive sprints, sand bag runs
-Strength training: On & Off season weight lifting programs, plate training, sandbag training, kettle bell training, circuit training
-Wrestling techniques from: Hand-fighting, neutral position, short offense, bottom position, top position, circuit drilling
-Takedown Tournament.
What the wrestler needs to bring every day:
-1pair of running shoes
-1pair of wrestling shoes
-2 set of wrestling attire (1 being worn)
-Water bottle with name
-Sweat towel & headgear are optional

Awards earned:
-Most outstanding Ranger
-Takedown champ
-Overall Ranger PT champ


Pics from the Past Camps:


Ranger Camp Director: Joel Caruso