youth wrestling after school program

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2022 RANGER'S RIP Camp (Intensive) 

The RIP Camp provided to you by the Ranger Wrestling Club is an intense, fast pace practices that will challenge wrestlers mentally, physically & emotionally.  Monday-Friday, 8am-3pm, at the RTC (Ranger Training Center) 960 Sycolin Rd. Suite 125, Leesburg, VA 20175.

  Hard work = Success! 

           Price $250

For all ages. Campers should be wrestlers with at least two years of experience.  



These practices will be limited to only 40 wrestlers, first come-first serve.  No refunds!!

Wrestlers will go through:
-US Army Ranger PT (Physical Training) Test: 2 mile timed run, 2 min of push-ups, 2 min of sit-ups, and pull-up test. This test will be conducted in the beginning and at the end of camp. 
-Cardiovascular training: Tire flips, tire pulls, explosive sprints, sand bag runs
-Strength training: On & Off season weight lifting programs, plate training, sandbag training, kettle bell training, circuit training
-Wrestling techniques from: Hand-fighting, neutral position, short offense, bottom position, top position, circuit drilling
-Takedown Tournament.
What the wrestler needs to bring every day:
-1pair of running shoes
-1pair of wrestling shoes
-2 set of wrestling attire (1 being worn)
-Water bottle with name
-Sweat towel & headgear are optional

Awards earned:
-Most outstanding Ranger
-Takedown champ
-Overall Ranger PT champ


Pics from the Past Camps:


Ranger Camp Director: Joel Caruso