youth wrestling after school program

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Ranger Wrestling Club 2021 Spring Practices: 

All wrestlers must purchase a USA Wrestling Card: Membership here and then sign-up under the Ranger Wrestling Club, If you already have a Membership, please bring in your card.  


*Special Deal.  If you register for any 2 of these practices (Folkstyle MS/HS, Freestyle/Greco, & Folk Elementary) you get 1/2 of the 2nd program.  If you register Folkstyle MS/HS and want to do Freestyle/Greco, it will only cost $75 a month.  Elementary kids 3rd grade and up can do Freestyle/Greco, but you need to have a partner around your own weight.  

Folkstyle for Middle School & High School:  (Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30-8:00) March 15th-June 9th, $150 for full program equals $50 per month. Register Here

Wrestlers will get one on one coaching with new techniques as well as a sharpening of fundamental skills, live wrestling, and situations with other wrestlers to get good looks with different wrestling styles. Coaches: Brandon Rafferty & Joe Smith (Heritage)


Freestyle & Greco US GRIT Practices: (Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-8:00) March 16th-June 10th, $150 for full program equals $50 per month.  Register Here

Coaches: Matt Burkett & Aubrey Burkett (Riverside), 


Ranger Workouts: (2-3xs a week, 4:30-5:30) Middle & High School Athletes only.  March 29th-May 28th, $50 a month or $100 for full program.  Register Here

Athletes will go through Functional fitness workouts, working on full-body workouts: Learn Basic lifts, Plyometrics, and Strength/Endurance workouts.  Coaches Joel Caruso


Folkstyle for Elementary School 2nd-5th Grade (2x a week) March 29th-May 28th, $50 a month or $100 for full program.  

These practices will be for 2nd graders and up and focus on Gymnastic Skills, a Curriculum of wrestling moves, Live Wrestling, & Games.  Coaches: Joel Caruso, Ryan Barden, Matt Tucker,


Lil Rangers Program Ages 4-6 (once a week for 1 hour) March 29th-May 28th, $30 a month or $60 for full program.

These practices will focus on Gymnastic skills, Bodyweight exercises, Body awareness, Wrestling moves, and Games.  Slower pace, meant to have fun and learn.  Coaches: Logan Cutshall, Billy Young, Paul Nelson