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Rangers 12 Hour (R12)

 The Rangers 12 Hour (R12) is a 12 hour competitive training session from 6pm to 6am that tests an individual's "Mental, Physical, & Emotional Strength."  During the R12, Individuals with go through cross-fit regimes, wrestling, technique, strength training, conditioning, mental preparation, nutrition talks, physical tests, lifting techniques, etc.  

     The R12: From 18:00 (6pm) to 06:00 (6am), Individuals will complete 25 missions/tasks, a mission every 30 minutes.  Each mission will vary from rope climbs, odd object 1 mile run, scavenger hunt, tire flip, sled pushes, kettle bell work, etc.  Missions will vary depending on locations or from date to date. 

What you need:
-Current USA Wrestling Membership

When Saturday, Oct 8th.  Meet at 5:30pm, first workout starts at 6:00pm.  We will finish at 6:00am.

Where:  Ranger Training Center, 960 Sycolin rd. Suite 125, Leesburg, VA 20175

Cost:  $60, Bring in Cash or pay Venmo to @andrew-bango

Registration Link:

What is it:  We will (quite literally) Train while others are Sleeping.  We will have workouts every 30-45 minutes from 6pm-6am.  Workouts will include wrestling, lifting, sled pushes, battle ropes, kettlebells and maybe even some games.  

What to bring:  Wrestling Shoes, Running Shoes, 3-4 changes of clothes, Water Bottle, & plenty of snacks & food for energy.  Dress for indoor AND outdoor events.

We will provide:  T-shirts for all athletes who register early.  Some food and drinks.  Wrestling posters will be given to our challenge winners!

Waiver:  can be found at:  (we will also have copies at the RTC)


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Thanks everyone.  Excited to see you Oct 8th!  I will be posting updates on Instagram @BuiltbyBango or the Ranger Wrestling Club Facebook Page all night long, so follow, like & share!  

Coach Bango

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